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Cap St Jacques 2018 09 30

CSJ report by Keith
This report is short
So was the walk
In summer CSJ trails may be closed
With no ski tracks to lead the way
It’s easy to be led astray
Unless Ron M leads the way
Still the beach was found, and the toilets too
Great if you needed the loo
Next the farm and animals, donkey or an ass or two
Kids playing on the tractor, looks familiar to you?
A visit to the store
A few kilometers more
Then all done.

Just short of 10kms, good start to the weekend hikes for the fourteen out for this day.
Guess being poet laureate is not for me.

Sunday and Weekend Reports

Ron’s Random Rambling

Well I guess it must have been the effects of the Super Moon that caused a throng of club members to gather at Cap St Jacques to meditate on the moons super powers. It was also probably the same lunar powers which persuaded the group to walk, albeit reluctantly at first, clockwise around the trails. The group set off with Ron “I know the way” M leading the charge, going clockwise. A win for the super mooners.
What a delight seeing the trail from a different perspective, avoiding maple syrup lines, sneaking past a few barriers, strolling along the beach, even climbing a ladder or two. Try doing that with skis on. True to his word Ron M did not get us lost, but to be honest half the group had no idea where we were and therefore unable to draw any conclusions about RM’s navigation skills. Nearing the end of the walk we came across Brian A, who having arrived late missed out on the lunar activity and was left wandering around on his own. Next time get there on time Brian.

So we had a nice December walk, sadly the super moon was a little hidden by the cloud cover that evening.

Sunday and Weekend Reports

The tortoise and the hare, Rigaud

July in October encouraged a good group of walkers out to Rigaud on Sunday. After a brief discussion about going clockwise or anti-clockwise around L’escapade it was decided to go our usual way, clockwise. So, the Pres led the charge down the trail setting a good pace, the hares, whilst a few of us started at a more moderate pace, the tortoises, allowing our heart rate to rise more steadily and knowing that there was a 14 kms walk ahead. Soon the group became spread out and it very much looked like the hares had missed the turn. What to do, a shout was ignored but we knew if the hares kept their cool they would get back on track not much further on. So, the split occurred, the tortoises keeping to the correct track and the hares doing whatever hares do.

Reaching the point where we should have seen the hares getting back on track, we saw no one. They must be ahead being the obvious conclusion, so we carried on to P2. No one, even though this was the first toilet stop. It was clear now that the hares were lost, must have been hopping mad about that. Then the phone rang. Never, never, pack your phone at the bottom of your back pack and inside several different plastic bags, the chances of reaching before it stops ringing are nil. Assuming we had won a cruise Linda H called the number back and found that the hares had become a little disorientated and embarked on a harebrained scheme to back track to the correct trail. No point in waiting for them they could be all day.

We carried on, dodging several ATV’s who were also out enjoying the day, soon meeting up with Ken B who was walking a Ken B variant which allowed him a little flexibility on the distance he had to walk, clever guy. Pleasant walking through the woods followed, saying “hi “to the many walkers out on the trail until we reached P4 at Chemin St George. Here was Ken B’s vehicle from which he produced a box of Halloween candies, “Yeh”.

Still hareless, we set off on the return half of the walk, Ken B staying with us for a short while then he returned to P4, we on the other hand followed the wooded trail until the steep climb up to the lookout is reached. The view was not as good as usual, hazy in the distance, still a lovely place to stop after the climb.

Where are those hares, given our legs were a little sore the four of us decided to go on, it is after all still one hour walk from the viewpoint to our cars, along a rolling trail. Many walkers just walk to the viewpoint then back to the car park, a nice stroll of about 8kms.

Back at the cars we were pleased with our first long walk of the season. About 20 minutes later the first of the hares appeared after enjoying the views from the lookout themselves, then somewhat later the remainder finished their walk.

So the moral of the Tortoise and the Hare is; it doesn’t matter what speed you walk but it is a good idea to know where you are going. Secondly, just get out and enjoy the Fall.

Sunday and Weekend Reports

SOS at Cap St Jacques

SOS (Sunny October Sunday), 12 walkers and 1 runner responded to this call as well as runners and walkers for a Heart and Stroke event taking place at CSJ that morning. Not only that but our group must have had decades of experience in walking and skiing at CSJ so the odds on getting lost were extremely high especially as parts of the Rabbit are closed in summer and Fall, and we did not have ski tracks to follow.

So off we set, happily walking to the farm where we were greeted by tents, food and music, sadly not for us. It was after the farm that the trails are closed, however we could bring into bear our combined CSJ experience and spend several minutes discussing which way to go, needless to say we could not agree on which direction only we should head for the beach.

So the beach was reached, no takers for swimming, then off to see the turtles. No turtles in sight, only those behind the barrier! Now homeward bound we were lucky enough to find the way back to the chalet, only back tracking on one occasion.

Of course there were a few formalities to end the walk:

  1. Visit the washrooms
  2. Thank the walk leader, whoever that was
  3. Discuss who had the correct measured distance on their Smart phone, smart watch, gps or piece of string.

A good day with enjoyable company.  Keith Rhodes

Sunday and Weekend Reports

Pesky Peer Pressure : Gai Luron

Brr, whichever way you look at it -17C is cold, but not if you are laying a nice warm bed with just your nose exposed. Yes -17C is cold, who on earth would want to go skiing. Then you notice the devious, evil character Peer Pressure had entered the room. Bugger. I know, let’s have breakfast then decide, yes, no harm in that. So up we get, trying to push Peer Pressure back in the tin can whilst holding the lid with the other hand. Breakfast improved the situation, still it was still -17C, then we noticed the can was empty Peer Pressure was out and about. Come on let’s go, if it’s too cold we can always go for a coffee. That blasted Peer Pressure at work again and so before you know it we are driving North to Gai Luron, hoping all our extremities would be protected.
Well wouldn’t you know it we were not alone at Gai Luron, other club members had also turned up, in fact quite a few. “Isn’t it great”, “not too cold”, “snow is good”, blast that Peer Pressure, it was still -15C.
Needless to say off we all went on our skis, not noticing the evil character with a grin from ear to ear, and of course we all managed to get some skiing in and all of us saying wasn’t it great, followed by warm food across the road. So, I guess Peer Pressure was right but next time I will be ready with a more solid defence.
Lots more photos on the photos page and if you are into numbers then feel free to count the heads, there is no photo with everybody on it.

Sunday and Weekend Reports

A new year start

Looks like New year was a good time for skiing and snow shoeing.
The local ski areas where in good condition with Bois de Liesse attracting a good turn out on New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s day , it had snowed and although the center at Cap St Jacques was closed and the trails had not tracked a number of club members managed to get out of bed to go skiing.

Come the second of Jan the conditions were even better, mild temperatures, tracked trails and as long as you went early everything was just honky dory. However later in the day the lineup for rental equipment in the chalet at CSJ resembled a Stanley cup ticket sale. Still it was all smiles.


I am sure other club member s managed to get out over the week end, some even had a blistering day at Orford. So good start to the year , sadly it may not last , raining today.

Sunday and Weekend Reports

Scattered in the wind — Mont Ste Hilaire Nov 13

A fine day if still a little windy, but isn’t it always windy at St Hilaire. Arriving just before 10 we found the parking lot crowded just like at Val David. I am getting suspicious that someone is using the BTNSC schedule to organise Flash Mob events, next thing we will know will be the MSO appearing out of the woods playing Debussy or Ravel. Keeping a wary open for the piccolo players, our gang convened at the centre d’accueil. I was personally pleased to see that the Brits attending had increased by 100%, bravo, or should it be “what ho jolly good”.

Anyhow off we set, joining the hordes all looking for the MSO. Leaving the main trail as we always do, burnt hill was soon reached quickly followed by Pain de 2016-11-13-mont-ste-hil-kr-02Sucre, always a crowd pleaser with the rope trick, still we did not see Kent Nagano, but there could easily have been a bassoon player lurking in the trees, no it was O.K. only a deer trying to avoid the crowds.

The breeze seemed to pick up resulting in the membership being scattered in 2016-11-13-mont-ste-hil-jw-02the wind. Some went off to Dieppe, others to Rocky and the waifs and strays seemed to wander around  trying to reach Lac Hertel. Luckily the piccolo players did not attack or it would have been a massacre, even worse if the tubas had been woken up. Happily neither happened and the group managed to get in a reasonable walk.

What no mention of the super moon, well we did spend time with Steve G trying to determine the best time to photograph the moon and where it would rise, all we know is the coffee was good at T.

Please no more Flash Mobs.

Sunday and Weekend Reports

Slipping and a sliding Val David Nov 6

Wonderful, an extra hour in bed, what to do, I know lay awake staring at the clock waiting for the time to get up. Then it was, is it cold, is it raining, what to wear for our Val David adventure. Finally we were in the car and Northbound.
Much to our surprise the parking lot was busy. How can that be, the colors were long gone and it had rained over night, yet there were all these cars and a load of young whippersnappers. Then we found out it was a young x-country ski team in training. Needless to say they left us in their dust as we climbed the first hill, even pushing our walking poles between their legs didn’t seem to deter them.

2016-11-06-val-david-sg-15The master plan was to walk some of the snow shoe trails passing a few viewpoints on the way, back in time for tea. I think I mentioned it had rained the previous day and the trails were covered in leaves so what should have been a steady walk was often slippy particularly on the steeper ascents and descents. Remembering that just off the trails was fairly steep ground,  it was therefore prudent to exercise a degree of care.2016-11-06-val-david-profile-1

The team overall was in good spirits although there was a reluctance to take on the last viewpoint, something about aching knees, tired legs and wanting to go to some film festival so the walk was shortened but a few climbs were thrown just for fun.

Trying hard to find a musical reference for Duane, the nearest one that came to mind was “slippin and a sliding” Little Richard, kind of appropriate for the day. Open to suggestions Duane.

Finished up in a typical Val David café, no not Timmies, is the world changing?

Sunday and Weekend Reports

It all Greek to me.

Great at last a walk that should be fun, a walk on a Greek Island no less, could be Kefalonia or even, yes even Rhodes. Maybe meet some relatives. Odd though the journey to the Island only took 30 mins and no aircraft involved, odd that. Then it dawned, not a Greek Island but a walk on an island with a Greek…Lunch bag let down.
2016-10-30-ile-biz-mt-01So a motley crew convened at the parking lot at Ile Bizard awaiting the words of wisdom from our guide, something on the lines of: “One thing I know, that I know nothing. This is the source of my wisdom.” Socrates. But no, all we got was go this way via the chalet and toilets. It was here we found out the truth, the parc was temporary closed and our Greek guide did not know. “One thing I know, that I know nothing” immediately sprang to mind, Socrates had got it right again.
Still our gallant leader opted for plan D, plans B,C being discarded as being impractical without a few boats or a golf club. That was for Monique. A devious plan was set in motion where we bypassed the huge fence which had been erected across the main path. Odd that no one noticed this huge fence although we all had driven passed it to park, must have been texting at the time. Whatever, we successfully were able to walk on most of the trails in the parc as 2016-10-30-ile-biz-lh-19were other walkers who managed to find a way through, maybe they were all Greeks who knows.
The walk turned out to be good exercise covering about 12kms, about 35% of a marathon, marathon get it, more Greek stuff.
Thank you Theo for rescuing us from what could have been a Greek Tragedy.
Go to photos page to see the real hike.

Sunday and Weekend Reports

Gai Luron 2016 03 06 Now I remember winter

Oh yes now I remember what winter should be like.

2016-03-06 Gailron LH -01

Yes there should be snow, tracks you can see and all the way round the trail. Blue skies and little wind, and temperatures not too cold.
Well Sunday at Gai Luron was a bobby dazzler, just as well because looking a the future forecast it may have been our last skiing day.

2016-03-06 Gailron LH -20Who was out, look at all the photos and just count the skiers with the smiling faces. No photo of Micky Z, the snow was too good for him to hang around.

2016-03-06 Gailron LH -05