Sunday and Weekend Reports

Ron’s Random Rambling

Well I guess it must have been the effects of the Super Moon that caused a throng of club members to gather at Cap St Jacques to meditate on the moons super powers. It was also probably the same lunar powers which persuaded the group to walk, albeit reluctantly at first, clockwise around the trails. The group set off with Ron “I know the way” M leading the charge, going clockwise. A win for the super mooners.
What a delight seeing the trail from a different perspective, avoiding maple syrup lines, sneaking past a few barriers, strolling along the beach, even climbing a ladder or two. Try doing that with skis on. True to his word Ron M did not get us lost, but to be honest half the group had no idea where we were and therefore unable to draw any conclusions about RM’s navigation skills. Nearing the end of the walk we came across Brian A, who having arrived late missed out on the lunar activity and was left wandering around on his own. Next time get there on time Brian.

So we had a nice December walk, sadly the super moon was a little hidden by the cloud cover that evening.