Sunday and Weekend Reports

Pesky Peer Pressure : Gai Luron

Brr, whichever way you look at it -17C is cold, but not if you are laying a nice warm bed with just your nose exposed. Yes -17C is cold, who on earth would want to go skiing. Then you notice the devious, evil character Peer Pressure had entered the room. Bugger. I know, let’s have breakfast then decide, yes, no harm in that. So up we get, trying to push Peer Pressure back in the tin can whilst holding the lid with the other hand. Breakfast improved the situation, still it was still -17C, then we noticed the can was empty Peer Pressure was out and about. Come on let’s go, if it’s too cold we can always go for a coffee. That blasted Peer Pressure at work again and so before you know it we are driving North to Gai Luron, hoping all our extremities would be protected.
Well wouldn’t you know it we were not alone at Gai Luron, other club members had also turned up, in fact quite a few. “Isn’t it great”, “not too cold”, “snow is good”, blast that Peer Pressure, it was still -15C.
Needless to say off we all went on our skis, not noticing the evil character with a grin from ear to ear, and of course we all managed to get some skiing in and all of us saying wasn’t it great, followed by warm food across the road. So, I guess Peer Pressure was right but next time I will be ready with a more solid defence.
Lots more photos on the photos page and if you are into numbers then feel free to count the heads, there is no photo with everybody on it.