Sunday and Weekend Reports

Scattered in the wind — Mont Ste Hilaire Nov 13

A fine day if still a little windy, but isn’t it always windy at St Hilaire. Arriving just before 10 we found the parking lot crowded just like at Val David. I am getting suspicious that someone is using the BTNSC schedule to organise Flash Mob events, next thing we will know will be the MSO appearing out of the woods playing Debussy or Ravel. Keeping a wary open for the piccolo players, our gang convened at the centre d’accueil. I was personally pleased to see that the Brits attending had increased by 100%, bravo, or should it be “what ho jolly good”.

Anyhow off we set, joining the hordes all looking for the MSO. Leaving the main trail as we always do, burnt hill was soon reached quickly followed by Pain de 2016-11-13-mont-ste-hil-kr-02Sucre, always a crowd pleaser with the rope trick, still we did not see Kent Nagano, but there could easily have been a bassoon player lurking in the trees, no it was O.K. only a deer trying to avoid the crowds.

The breeze seemed to pick up resulting in the membership being scattered in 2016-11-13-mont-ste-hil-jw-02the wind. Some went off to Dieppe, others to Rocky and the waifs and strays seemed to wander around  trying to reach Lac Hertel. Luckily the piccolo players did not attack or it would have been a massacre, even worse if the tubas had been woken up. Happily neither happened and the group managed to get in a reasonable walk.

What no mention of the super moon, well we did spend time with Steve G trying to determine the best time to photograph the moon and where it would rise, all we know is the coffee was good at T.

Please no more Flash Mobs.