Sunday and Weekend Reports

SOS at Cap St Jacques

SOS (Sunny October Sunday), 12 walkers and 1 runner responded to this call as well as runners and walkers for a Heart and Stroke event taking place at CSJ that morning. Not only that but our group must have had decades of experience in walking and skiing at CSJ so the odds on getting lost were extremely high especially as parts of the Rabbit are closed in summer and Fall, and we did not have ski tracks to follow.

So off we set, happily walking to the farm where we were greeted by tents, food and music, sadly not for us. It was after the farm that the trails are closed, however we could bring into bear our combined CSJ experience and spend several minutes discussing which way to go, needless to say we could not agree on which direction only we should head for the beach.

So the beach was reached, no takers for swimming, then off to see the turtles. No turtles in sight, only those behind the barrier! Now homeward bound we were lucky enough to find the way back to the chalet, only back tracking on one occasion.

Of course there were a few formalities to end the walk:

  1. Visit the washrooms
  2. Thank the walk leader, whoever that was
  3. Discuss who had the correct measured distance on their Smart phone, smart watch, gps or piece of string.

A good day with enjoyable company.  Keith Rhodes