Sunday and Weekend Reports

It all Greek to me.

Great at last a walk that should be fun, a walk on a Greek Island no less, could be Kefalonia or even, yes even Rhodes. Maybe meet some relatives. Odd though the journey to the Island only took 30 mins and no aircraft involved, odd that. Then it dawned, not a Greek Island but a walk on an island with a Greek…Lunch bag let down.
2016-10-30-ile-biz-mt-01So a motley crew convened at the parking lot at Ile Bizard awaiting the words of wisdom from our guide, something on the lines of: “One thing I know, that I know nothing. This is the source of my wisdom.” Socrates. But no, all we got was go this way via the chalet and toilets. It was here we found out the truth, the parc was temporary closed and our Greek guide did not know. “One thing I know, that I know nothing” immediately sprang to mind, Socrates had got it right again.
Still our gallant leader opted for plan D, plans B,C being discarded as being impractical without a few boats or a golf club. That was for Monique. A devious plan was set in motion where we bypassed the huge fence which had been erected across the main path. Odd that no one noticed this huge fence although we all had driven passed it to park, must have been texting at the time. Whatever, we successfully were able to walk on most of the trails in the parc as 2016-10-30-ile-biz-lh-19were other walkers who managed to find a way through, maybe they were all Greeks who knows.
The walk turned out to be good exercise covering about 12kms, about 35% of a marathon, marathon get it, more Greek stuff.
Thank you Theo for rescuing us from what could have been a Greek Tragedy.
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