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Petit Train Du Nord Mar 23, 24

This is a report By Sharon Z who went skiing from there home up North.

Mickey and I were at our country house for the past few days – a break from the madding crowd! The skiing on Sunday and Monday was excellent. Mickey took the day off to rest yesterday because he has skied 68 km in 2 days. I went yesterday. It was a beautiful day. I tried skating first but the conditions were slow and sticky, so after about 4 km, I switched to classic which was fine. There is still a fair amount of snow but it is starting to get mushy. Ideally, we would like to go up north again this coming weekend. In any case, if we are the last skiers of the season, I think it is fitting for us to get the title as a team since I have to give Mickey credit for his outstanding achievement over the 2-day period. If I would have done that, I would not have been alive to send you this email. LOL

Take care and stay healthy!


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Farewell 2018-2019 Season

With the possible exception of Sharon and Mickey finding some tiny patch of crusty snow somewhere up north in mid-June our Beaver Tails ski season seems to be done and dusted. I want to thank everyone for participating this year. We had a great hiking season, with good turnouts and mostly good weather. Our ski season started really early with a good turnout on the PTN up at Mont Rolland on November 18! We followed that up with another November Sunday at Gai Luron. After that things went south for a bit, till we were able to ski again in January. The rest of the winter was up-and-down, with bouts of freezing cold followed by warm temps and plenty of rain and freezing rain. I fear this is the new normal, we will see!

I want to thank all our super volunteers for making events happen: Arthur Grynspan and Rick Birnbaum, Gwen Wulfraat and Richard Comeau, Monique Isler, Tom Ventser, Glenn Kyte, and everyone else who helped out in different ways.

I also want to thank all the members of our organizing committee (Christine tells me we don’t officially have an Executive) for keeping the club running: Keith and Linda (Communications), Dennis Martin (Ski Coordinator), Roy Tom (all-around-good-guy), Bruce and Christine (Membership and Treasurer respectively).

Everyone have a safe, healthy and active spring and summer, and see you back on the hiking trails this fall. Many of you are also members of our sister organization, the Beaconsfield Cycling Club (, see you on the road.

Peter C

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Web site update

The upgrade is nearly complete with most functions working. Awaiting 2015-16 schedule

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I’m Calling It — The Ski Season is Over!

With the cold snap that rolled in yesterday, there was a chance of receiving enough snow to give us one last chance to get out on the skis.  But the snow did not materialize and besides I know that several of you already have over 100 km on your bikes!  So I am officially declaring the end of the Beaver Tails ski season for 2013-2014.
It was not such a bad winter for skiing in the end. We were able to get out in early December, but then hit some rough patches in late Dec and early Jan when it was too wet, then too cold.  It worked out fine for me, as I only started my ski season in mid-Jan when I returned from my extended travels.  From mid-Jan on, we managed to have a Sunday outing every week, right into April. We also managed to get out on Mount Royal on Wed evenings a few times.

I know that for our club members the amount of skiing accomplished ranged from setting-a-personal-record to “um, never did actually put the skis on”.  Several of you non-skiers nonetheless did join us on hikes, on snowshoes, on the weekends, or at parties.  And I know that some of you never managed to join as at all, but still enjoyed following the emails and the web site to keep tabs on what the club was up to.  You are all part of the Beaver Tails family!  And there is always next year.

In the absence of any evidence to the contrary, Mickey, Sharon and Dave Inglis share the credit for being the “last skiers standing” at the PTdN and CSJ on Apr 6.

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Web page updates

I have done some updates to the web site, the primary reason is to make it accessible on computers, tablets and smart phones. I have tested it on ipad and Playbook, and my Blackberry phone and it all seems to work. On my phone which has a small display it is necessary to scroll down to see everything and the menu is presented slightly differently. Let me know if you see any problems.
I have also changed how widgets, the boxes on the right of the page are presented so that you only see widgets relevant to the page you are viewing.
I have also not used drop-down menus as these are problematical on tablets and smart phones, so now if there are sub-pages the menu appears as a widget.
We also have a new forum, this one is well support and widely used on WP sites.
Hope it all works and you like it, let me know.

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I Concede — The Ski Season is Over!

A note from our Pres.
Although I saw some snow pellets falling as recently as Sat evening, I am finally willing to concede that the ski season is (probably) over.  I am sending this last update message of the season exactly one month later than I did last year.  We just kept getting snow and it was possible to get out on skis at places like the P’tit Train du Nord right into April.  I was out of town when we had our last “bonus” snowfall on Apr 12, so my apologies for not sending out an update message to rally us all to get out one more time!
We had some erratic weather this winter, as has often been the case in recent years, but we were able to get out most weekends.  And the season did certainly go longer this year.  Using another measure for how good the ski conditions were, we were only able to get out skiing at Mount Royal on three Wed evenings this year (plus for the Sat morning Pot Luck in Jan), but that was two more than last year!
Arthur G gets credit for being the “last skier standing” based on a photo of him at the PTdN on Apr 6.  Check out the web site one last time to see the photo.  And take note of the improvements to the web site that Keith has already begun making to get ready for next season!

Thank You To All the People Who Helped Out
The club counts on the involvement of many people who volunteer to take on key roles.  On behalf of all members, I would like to thank the following people for their work on the executive or for the special events they organized:
AL L for being the club founder and President Emeritus
KEITH R for our top-notch web site
CHRISTINE D for being the Treasurer
BRUCE C for the membership database and the mailings
JOANNA C for organizing the Christmas Party AND the End of Season Party
MONIQUE I for the Pot Luck Lunch at “Melrose Place”
CHERYL W and HELÈNE C for the Gatineau Weekend
GLENN K for the ski clinic at Morin Heights
GWEN W(along with RICHARD Cand MONIQUE M) for the picnic at Lac Monroe / Parc du Mont Tremblant
ARTHUR G for organizing our first Orford Weekend!

Have a Great Summer
Have a great “off season”!  See you in September when we resume our Wed evening walks at Lachine and our Sun hikes.

Tom V

and a note from Linda H

Volunteers give their time to organize club activities.

Most do it for the glory and praise hoping that someday they will be nominated for the Governor General’s award for outstanding community service – Right!
I really don’t know why people volunteer to organize these events. Each has their own reason to want to help the club.
I for one am grateful to all who helped this ski season. To all those Tom mentioned in his report, and those he forgot to mention, thank you for making this season possible.
Thanks as well to Tom, our president, who is always keen and enthusiastic if not a bit too optimistic regarding ski conditions for most of us mortals who are not as expert on skis as he is. Without your willingness to rally and encourage folk when they don’t want to be rallied and encouraged out of bed early on a Sunday morning we probably would not have skied at all. It can’t be easy being the only one who thinks it is still ski season.
Sorry I have to cut this short but my bike is calling me. Hope you all have a great summer and see you all in the fall for the hiking season.

Linda H


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Beavertailer Race Results at World Masters in Asiago, Italy

One Beavertailer, Ghyslaine Dufresne, just completed competing in the World Master Cross-Country Ski Series being held in Asiago, Italy from Feb 17 – 23, 2013.
Here are the times and finishing position for the age category races in which she competed.

10 km:  15/20 with a time of 00:44’37.3″ (13.45 kph, 8.36 mph)
15 km: 12/19 with a time of 1:04’42.9″ (13.91 kph, 8.64 mph)
30 km: 13/18 with a time of 2:22’42.9″ (12.62 kph, 7.85 mph)

Well done, Ghyslaine!!

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Payment for outings and Events

PLEASE NOTE All cheques for Membership, Events and weekends should be made payable to BTNSC not the organiser. Thank you.

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Road works on HWY15 in Laval

Major roadworks on HWY 15 in Laval so be prepared for delays or find an alternate route such as HWY 13