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Petit Train Du Nord Mar 23, 24

This is a report By Sharon Z who went skiing from there home up North.

Mickey and I were at our country house for the past few days – a break from the madding crowd! The skiing on Sunday and Monday was excellent. Mickey took the day off to rest yesterday because he has skied 68 km in 2 days. I went yesterday. It was a beautiful day. I tried skating first but the conditions were slow and sticky, so after about 4 km, I switched to classic which was fine. There is still a fair amount of snow but it is starting to get mushy. Ideally, we would like to go up north again this coming weekend. In any case, if we are the last skiers of the season, I think it is fitting for us to get the title as a team since I have to give Mickey credit for his outstanding achievement over the 2-day period. If I would have done that, I would not have been alive to send you this email. LOL

Take care and stay healthy!