Sunday and Weekend Reports

Rocky Bog Trotting Group Dec 06

It was beautiful, blue sky, sunny very little wind, just one itsy bitsy problem it was late afternoon and we were nearly home having spent most of the day in low cloud and mist, I guess the weather report was right just the timing was wrong, and we all know that timing is everything.

Still it was another good outing, attracting 19 to St Hilaire. This number swelled 2015 12 06 St Hilaire KR 06to 23 part way through the day as late comers and straggles joined us on the trail. I think if we made the start midday we still would have late comers, some folk just cannot get out of bed. Do not worry BC , CD, MP and RM your secret is safe with me.

Interestingly when we entered the park there was a sign saying “muddy”, wow I though remembering Egon N disappearing up to his knee a few years back at Gai Luron, this should be fun. Nothing like a bit of mud to get a Brit excited. As it turned out, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being knee deep, the trails were at best a 2 in places, a tad disappointing. This being said, there is an erosion problem on some of the trails, when walkers avoiding the mud bypass the mud patch on either side resulting in an enlarged and deepening of the muddy area, one should gird your loins and plough through, keeping on the trail.

Preaching over and back to the walk, passing Burnt Hill, lovely views, NOT, we plodded onto Pain de Sucre, even more impressive views, NNNOT. Still the rope climb is always fun.

Onto the Green trail and a decision point. One view was to head down and across to the red trail heading down to the Chalet. Another view was to bag another peak whilst we were here, which attracted a smaller group , thus the Rocky Bog Trotting Group was formed with the intent of topping out on Dieppe or Rocky. It 2015 12 06 St Hilaire DA 03was a determined group which bid farewell to their friends, not knowing if they would see them again, before disappearing into the mist above. The main group, I understand did a successful traverse to the red trail, at which point they came across a new beaver dam and actually saw a beaver at work. Then down to the chalet.

2015 12 06 St Hilaire KR 07
Rocky Bog Trotting Group

Our group the RBTG opted to go for Rocky, where yes we had wonderful views, NNNOOOTTT. Still we did bag a peak added a few kilometers, and claimed bragging rights. Then honor of the club satisfied a descent was made to the chalet, apparently missing the beavers but seeing the geese.

A stop at Timmies on the way home we missed the main group, then an uneventful drive home finishing in that bright sunshine.