Sunday and Weekend Reports

Xmas Party Dec 04 Report by Keith

It was a dark, chilly and breezy night when the club members set out to the Alex “H” restaurant for our Xmas Party.  The light fall of snow and the ice on the ground with forecast of more to come had the club members dreaming of the days ahead.  Yes, those sandy beaches, warm seas and tropical temperatures was foremost in our minds.  Just kidding, we are all anxious to get out the skis, fight the -20 C temperatures and scare ourselves rigid on narrow trails, bring it on.
Back to the party, 49 members were welcomed into the warm cozy atmosphere of Alex “H” and soon the room was filled with noisy chatter. The restaurant has a BYOB policy and looking at all the bottles of wine brought by the members gave the impression we were competing with the SAQ.  Actually the SAQ had had a sale that day, coincidence, maybe.  The owner of Alex “H” did us proud with well prepared meals, I had the bison which was pretty good, salmon and vegetarian meals were also available.  Not being a gourmet that’s the best I can do in describing the food, but definitely a cut above Timmies.
The highlight of the evening was a surprise poetry reading by our Pres.  How many clubs can make that boast.  Tom, wearing suitable ski jacket and toque, read the late Riva Soicher’s “What’s a Beaver Tail?”  Written a few years ago, it embodies the spirit of the club then and hopefully now.
Five hours after entering the restaurant we reluctantly went home, promising to meet on Mount Royal on Sunday. Thanks Linda H for organizing the event and everyone else for making it so enjoyable.