Sunday and Weekend Reports

P’tite train du Nord Mount Rolland Dec 19 Report by Keith

“What do you mean an 8 am start!”  The atmosphere was electric last Thu at the club exec meeting at the Timmies Beaver Tails Nerve Centre.  “The rule book, page 240, paragraph ‘C’ clearly states that no 8 am starts before the Winter Solstice.”   “No you are wrong, the amended electronic version I am viewing on my iPhone allows an 8 am start at the Prez’s discretion, and I need to get back for a lunch date.“  So there it was, we found ourselves standing at Dorval at 8 am on Sun, with a smog warning issued for Montreal.
My goodness it was a quick drive north, hardly surprising since everyone else was in bed.  Even missing our exit, we found a deserted parking lot except for Jacques and Winnie.  Soon a total body count of 13 was achieved, rising to 15 by our usual late starting couple, check the photo if you do not know who.  No smog at Mont Rolland and with blue wax conditions (-5 C) — I have to put that in to keep the Pres happy, he likes numbers — we were all set to go.  The first 2 to 3 kms were single track and not a great depth of snow, but as soon as we started climbing the conditions were very good.  So good in fact that we probably did our usual early season trick of going that odd kilometre too far.  Some even went all the way to Val David.  The rest were satisfied in reaching the under pass and turning.  Needless to say we felt the pain on the last flat kilometres, especially with the single track and by that time the late starters hitting the trail, their right of way.  The parking lot was full on our return, so the 8 am start paid dividends.  Soon we were having soup and coffee in the little café at the station prior to returning home. No traffic problems this week, so a fast drive back.
Foot note.  A few club members were clearly unaware of the electronic reversion of the rule book and skied at Bois de Liesse at 10am.  Still everyone had a good time.