Sunday and Weekend Reports

Pot Luck / Mount Royal Jan 08 Report by Keith

The Pot Luck is one of our great social events when the club members, after a morning of exercise, proceed to devour a lunch which will completely negate all our efforts to lose that extra weight from the holidays.  But before we get to the food we have to have the exercise, so at 10 am, give or take an hour or two, we gathered at Beaver Lake.  No one had brought skis given the snow conditions on the mountain, mind you some non-members were skiing including a group of young children taking a ski lesson, shame on you BTNSC.   Well not really, a grand total of 29 people came out to walk or skate, the walkers winning the vote by 1, and it should be noted that the skaters numbers built up over the morning, not for them the 10 am start. Everyone had a good time whatever their choice of torture and so after a couple of hours and a few rosy cheeks it was decided that the time was ripe to hit the Maison Monique de Melrose.
Sadly two members from Mount Royal could not go to the lunch, however suddenly 22 extra folk appeared out of the wood work so now we were 49. You have to give credit to the bean counter he is always on the ball.  49 you say, how on earth did they fit into the Maison Monique de Melrose, well given that we are an active xcountry ski club, obesity is not an issue so as long as we all breathed in unison there was not a problem. As always the spread of food was spectacular, a full **** (four stars), and the hospitality of the Hostess Monique was incredible, mind you she did get her cable box sorted out.  Eating, drinking and talking went on for hours, but slowly and surely people made their way home.
Wonderful.  What more can I say.