Skiing Techniques and Waxing

Skiing Techniques and Waxing
This page was compiled by Arthur Grynspan, and is dedicated to him. Arthur was a club member for decades, was passionate about skiing and teaching skiing technique to novices and new club members.

Cross Country Ski Lessons:
These videos are not the greatest quality, but demonstrate the fundamentals which one needs know and always practise. Speed does not come from increased effort and applying more energy, speed slowly develops and grows as technique and fitness improves.
How to xcountry ski Part 1:
How to xcountry ski Part  2:
How to xcountry ski  Part 3:
How to xcountry ski  Part 4:

Here is an excellent video given by an individual who understands the mechanics.

The Elements of Xcountry skiing

Ski Preparation:
To ski without wasting energy or getting frustrated, they need to be prepared properly. Here’s a link to a great set of SWIX videos on ski preparation. Remember to choose your language of choice for the video.
Ski preparation
Specifically, the following SWIX school videos are very informative. Remember too, these are also marketing tools.
Kick Zone Info
Application of Base Wax
Application of Hard Wax
Application of Soft Wax
Cleaning of Hard And Soft Wax
Glide Waxing F4 Solid (Note that F4 is a SWIX product. Other manufacturers will have similar products but by other names)
Glide Waxing F4 Liquid
Waxless Skis Cleaning
Waxless Skis Maintenance
I am not recommending running to the store and spending a fortune of tools and waxes which is easy to do. Nominally one should have, in my opinion:
1. Hard and soft kick waxes for a temperature range of -15 to +2.
2. One Universal type kick wax
3. One Universal type glider.
4. One Universal type klister
5. One synthetic cork
6. A quantity of cleaning fluid to clean the kick wax zone
Often, stores like Sports Experts sell small kits which contain three hard waxes and a cork. These
kits are good starting acquisitions.
Finally, the Wax Wizard link below will help you decide which kick and glide wax to choose for a particular day. The Pro, Sport and Recreation choices simply categorize the higher to lower cost applications as is explained on the link.
Wax Wizard