Sunday and Weekend Reports

Oka 7 October 2018

Oka is our first hilly “walk” of the year.  We were 12 walkers and 2 dogs.  The group picture was taken and we started by splitting up.

Arthur G. learnt a lesson Sunday – he could not walk a mile in her shoes.  No matter how hard he tried he could not get his feet into his wife’s hiking boots.  So he opted for the slightly easier way up to save wear and tear on his unsupported ankles.  Tony F. did the honorable thing by keeping Arthur company on the climb.  I think it was really to make sure Arthur went to the top and not make a u-turn to the nearest coffee shop.

The rest of us took the steep climb which had everyone unzipping jackets or peeling off layers.

For the bean counters we did 8 “ish” km or over 10,000 steps.  Some did less and some did more depending on the route or detour taken.  We did not get lost. Tom V. did question Sara G. how to get to the top when we arrived at a junction.  She did what any wise person would do – she asked the local folk coming down one of the paths which way was the shortest way to the apples and cheese.  We all arrived at the top, had our fill of food and headed down the express route back to the parking lot.

The good company, the smoked Oka cheese and fresh apples at the top made hiking up the Sentier du Sommet a treat.

You will be pleased to hear that no turkeys were harmed during the course of the hike.