EOS Party — 34 Feasters Celebrated the End(?) of the Season

Last Saturday evening we held the “End of Season” Party.  But it is hard to predict when the x-c ski season will actually end.  As we made our way to Sushi St Jean, it certainly did not feel like the end of winter was at hand, what with a temperature of -17 C, before the wind chill.  And although the ski conditions have been somewhat dismal of late, there is snow in the forecast for Tue, followed by favourably cool temps.  The ski season may just spring back to life.  Maybe we should call it the SNO Party! — the Season’s Not Over Party!

Whatever you want to call it, 34 Beaver Tailers gathered at 7 pm at the all-you-can-eat sushi (and more) restaurant in Pointe Claire on boul. St Jean.  We had four large tables in the corner of the restaurant, so it felt like our own private space.  It was especially  heartening to see and re-connect with several  members who had not been able to get out skiing this winter for one reason or another.  Indeed, it is one of the purposes of a club social occasion like this.

We ordered some drinks and then set about studying the menu.  But this was no ordinary menu.  Each table had a Samsung touch-screen tablet with the menu loaded on it.  You could scroll through it and select an item to see a larger photo and a description of it.  Then if you wanted that item, you entered how many you wanted and then confirmed your order.  As soon as you did that, it popped up in the kitchen.  As a result some things were delivered fast!  At my table, no sooner had we ordered out soups and salads to start the meal, than they appeared before us.  We then proceeded to order all sorts of sushi, noodles, Chinese beef, tempura, rice, etc.  Some items were chosen and consumed by individual diners, while some were shared among the table. We would order a few items, eat them, and then order some more.  The meal was rounded out with a variety of ice creams.  It took a little getting used to, but it all worked out well.

Meanwhile, I visited each table to gauge the level of enthusiasm to go out skiing at either Gai Luron or the PTdN the next morning.  Let’s just say that level was not very high.  (Read the report of the Sun ski outing to see how it turned out.)

However, the enthusiasm for eating was much higher.  Despite the quick delivery of several orders of food, we were apparently determined to take advantage of their “all-you-can-eat” offer.  So we kept eating and partying until after the 10 pm closing time and all the other customers had left.  We closed down the place.

That the EOS Party was a great success was due to the many hours of planning, preparing and managing by our EOS Party organizer, Roy Tom.  Thanks, Roy!

Now, let’s see if we can add an “overtime” period to our ski season!