Fabulous Day for the Ski Clinic at Morin Heights

Wow, what a great day it turned out to be for the ski clinic at Morin Heights!  Thirty Beaver Tails members turned out for good skiing and to improve their skills.
Some had been concerned the weather might not be favourable for conducting the ski clinic.  The small probability of freezing drizzle did not materialize — there was no precipitation at all the whole day.  The temperature was hovering above 0 C by a degree or two, so having good wax — or waxless skis — was helpful. During the morning, about ten BTers showed up at different times and went for an informal ski.

At 12:30 pm, the groups began assembling for the ski clinic.  It was a bit more complicated this year, because we had two meeting points.  The beginner and intermediate groups met at the same place as last year, the trailer hut at Basler Park, which is at the top of the hill on chemin du Lac Echo.  The advanced and skate groups met at the accueil of Morin Heights Nature Camping, which was a short 6-minute drive away.  It is located a short ski from the aerobic corridor.
The beginner and intermediate groups were led by Anne and Karen, while the advanced and skating groups were led by Arnie and Rick.  The lessons began at 1 pm and lasted about 1.5 hours.  The feedback from people in the different

groups was very positive.
Some of the members stopped for an après-ski beverage and snack at Mickey’s Café in the Morin Heights village.  It was my first time there after having passed by it for years and I was surprised as to what a bright and attractive enterprise it is.  Rumours that it is a side business of our own Mickey Z turned out to be untrue, but he may be interested in getting a franchise.
Many thanks go to Glenn Kyte for all the work he put into organizing the clinic for yet another year.  Thanks, Glenn!