Tales from the CSM

It is well known that the Canadian Ski Marathon is not easy, a two day 160kms cross country ski event. This year to add to the fun the weather did not co -operate.
2016 02 20 CSM GC  07Here are notes from two club members Glen C and Mickey Z who “enjoyed” the weekend.

Clen C’s note:

It was really tough… the first section on Sat was met with very heavy snow, and we were all completely blocked up… only doing 3 km in the first hour. The waxing for both days was very difficult, as the snow was so heavy and also variable. This meant for lots of double poling (the arms a very sore), and climbing was tough too.

On sat, we had lots of rain in section 9, and then we waited at the checkpoint to start section 8, but it was closed due to a stuck groomer… hundreds and hundreds of skiers waited in the pouring rain for directions… we all froze!!! After about 1 hour, they decided to bus everyone to the start of section 7. My caloric burn on day 1 was 3500, and on day 2, it was 3000.

Sunday started off much better, as there was only a little snow… then it cleared to a beautiful sunny day. But, this also made for very difficult waxing, as the temp was near 0. Skiers did not know what to do.. klister, red, silver, etc…

Yes, I achieved my objectives, and finished the last section around 3:20. Feeling really tired and sore. Mickey and I enjoyed a nice Subway sandwich across the street from our hotel (high school gym floor), which really hit the spot!!
Mickey , please feel free to add…

Mickey Z’s note
Terrible. What’s the opposite of fun?

It was the worst conditions anyone can remember – slush and ice covered with a thin layer of powder. Nothing worked – no combination of waxes and klisters. The fewest number of people finished compared with previous years. Unlike last time when I finished all 10 sections with an hour to spare, this time I missed the cutoff. It was the first time in my life that I can say I didn’t enjoy the ski.

I should have bought a pair of no-wax skis.