Sunday and Weekend Reports

Giant Oct 17 — 8 Hardy Hikers Conquered Giant Mtn

After we cancelled the “official” hike to Giant for last Sat because of the weather conditions, we suggested that those how were still keen to go on Sun go to the Forum to express their interest.  In the end, 8 hikers made the drive down to Giant Mountain in the Adirondacks near Keane Valley, NY.  They were all experienced hikers who made sure to bring the gear they would need to be ready for anything.  And it turned out they did need all that gear because they encountered just about everything on the climb to the summit including sun, mud, rain, wind, ice, and foot-deep wet snow.  Oh, and let’s not forget the 70 km/h winds at the summit!  But as I mentioned, this was a hardy bunch and they revelled in these conditions.  There were also several great viewpoints along the way.  After six hours on the trail, they were wet and a bit tired, but they were glad they had gone for it!