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    We are hiking along the Vermont Long Trail to the summit of Jay Peak, Vermont on Saturday, October 21. The Vertical rise of this hike is about 1700 feet. For comparison, last year’s Mansfield hike was about 2800 feet, and Mont St. Hilaire is about 800 feet. There are essentially no flat parts on the trail. The last leg of the hike to the summit offers an option to walk up a ski trail or to scramble over the rocks to the summit. The summit offers 360 degree view from which you can see mountains in Vermont, Quebec, New Hampshire and New York (provided the weather cooperates…). The summit also has an aerial tramway station, which in theory stopped operating last weekend. The tram is on a different face of the mountain….we only encounter it at the top. It should be about 3 hours of hiking plus time on top. Hiking boots (the trail has lots of rocks and roots), 2 liters of water, food and an extra layer of clothing for the summit are needed.

    The starting point for the hike is a smallish parking area on the side of Vermont Highway 242

    (on Google maps: 2685-4107 VT-242, North Troy, VT 05859, USA)

    It is about a 2 hour drive from the West Island. Please be ready to hike starting at 10am.

    If you have questions or are interested in coming, email me at


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