Hiking – Cap Saint Jacques

2022/10/02 @ 10:00 am
Parc-nature du Cap-Saint-Jacques
20099 Boulevard Gouin Ouest

Hiking season starts this Sunday (Oct 02) at Cap St Jacques, weather permitting of course.

It is time to start our hiking season. Our first hike (more of a walk really) will be at Cap St. Jacques (CSJ) this Sunday (Oct 02) at 10 AM. The park entrance is free but you must pay for parking with a credit card ($7.50 for 2 hours or $ 9.50 per day). Please arrive early enough to sort out your parking permits and use the facilities if necessary. The CSJ website indicates the facilities open at 8 AM, but in the past they have opened only at 10 AM, so no guarantees washrooms are accessible earlier than 10.

Cap St. Jacques entrance: 20099 Boulevard Gouin Ouest, Pierrefonds.

If there is a chance of inclement weather please check the website and Facebook Group page for any notifications.

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